Smart Cities

We are helping Governments to build "Feasible, Impacting and Sustainable" Cities

Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence Center (C4I)

Fastlane’s next-gen C4I provides real-time communication, collaboration and constructive decision making amongst different agencies by envisaging potential threats, challenges and facilitating effective response mechanisms through descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Smart Disaster Recovery

Fastlane’s automated end-to-end Disaster Recovery system provides Business Continuity  in a simplified and efficient manner.  With well defined processes and procedures, Fastlane’s DR system will always keep the data intact during Data Synchronization phase, DR Drills and actual Disaster.

Smart Street Lighting

Fastlane’s Intelligent lighting with SOS blinking for Pedestrian Safety, Smart Dimming to minimize electricity bills and minimal CO2 emissions for healthier environment.

Variable Message Displays

Fastlane’s VMD/VMS provide the governments the most versatile way of notifying motorists of road conditions, safety alerts and traffic advice.  Governments can now benefit from Fastlane’s full color VMDs that are ultra bright and visible from a long distance.

Public Address System

Making announcement at critical locations has been made easier with Fastlane’s Public Address System.  Fastlane’s PA system comes with single zone/multi-zone addressing facility with live and pre-recorded modes.  Fastlane’s speakers provide crisp and clear audio delivery for easier cognition even in loud environments.

Surveillance (RLVD, ANPR, FRS)

To ensure a “Safe City”, Fastlane’s Surveillance system with Advanced Video Analytics, will help the Governments to maintain the law-and-order and to keep the crime rate low.   With both edge and server based storage and analytics, Fastlane’s “Safe City” based Surveillance solution ensures data availability during adversities also.

Fastlane Fiber Grid

Fiber Grid

The best choice for State Governments to provide "Digital Infrastructure" immediately in rural areas

We are helping the Governments to setup “High-speed” Aerial Optic Fiber Cable Network at 1/15th the price and within 1/4th the time. This price and time advantage helps the State Governments to bolster education and digital literacy and hence indirectly gaining the financial advantage over other states by generating more relevant jobs to its citizens. Digital Services help Rural Banking in Re-Monitization, Network Service Providers in providing network in remote areas, Primary Health Centers in taking advantage of experts located in cities, etc.

1300 Gbps of total network capacity

More than 20000 Kilometers of Fiber Laid

Providing connectivity to more than 11 million rural households

Providing connectivity to more than 50000 schools in rural areas


Fastlane brings location-based context to your apps in real-time.

Fastlane is helping Governments, Retailers, Airports, Museums, Warehouses to build Smarter Applications.  Using Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) technology, Beacons provide location and contextual services for indoor navigation, product promotions, push notifications, food ordering, patient monitoring, asset tracking, loyalty programs, digital payments etc.  Using Beacons, Fastlane helps you to create efficient and seamless solutions across multiple domains and provide a highly engaged customer experience.

Fastlane Beacons

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